Project Opportunities with EDF Climate Corps

EDF selects and trains graduate students with proficiencies in business, engineering, environmental science and public policy from the nation’s leading institutions to help organizations take their energy management to the next level. We train our fellows to work on a growing variety of project types.

EDF Climate Corps Projects

Energy efficiency

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At Office Depot, Brendan Edgerton evaluated LED lighting, intelligent controls and efficient HVAC systems »

At Dreamworks Animation, Lydia Krefta investigated energy saving opportunities at an on-site data center »

At Turner Broadcasting System, Scott Bright evaluated improvements to current lighting systems »

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Data analysis

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At the US Army Ft. Bragg, Carlos Solano gathered and analyzed all of the available electric meter data »

At Genentech, Behzad Torabifar developed a model to forecast energy costs used to evaluate energy efficiency projects »

At Volvo Construction Equipment, Madhura Karnik developed an energy map for a manufacturing facility »

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Engagement and behavior change

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At Booz Allen Hamilton, Kate Bogart assessed and improved the employee engagement strategy »

At Shorenstein Properties, Jacob Talbot developed a pilot program on employee behavior change »

At DirecTV, Daniel Chow trained call center Green Teams to boost employee engagement »

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Sustainability and energy management strategy

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At National Geographic, Kate Drummond recommended four organization-wide sustainability goals »

At Boston Housing Authority, Ashley Roberts assisted developing the Sustainability Strategic Plan »

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Clean and renewable energy

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At Hilex Poly, John Culver helped set up a dashboard that will enable it to react to demand response events »

At the Institute for Sustainable Energy Development, Joe Cohen evaluated opportunities to reduce peak load »

At The Boston Public Health Commission, Santiago Perez worked to enroll the organization in demand response »

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Financial evaluation and planning

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At the City of Boston, Nicki Mc­Clung recommended a Green Revolving Fund for Boston Public Schools »

At Urban Innovations, Michael Perry created a value-calculation tool »

At MA Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, Hye Min Park helped adopt Life Cycle Cost Analysis for efficiency projects »

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EDF Climate Corps Alumni

Since 2008, EDF Climate Corps is proud to have placed nearly 1000 fellows within over 450 organizations. Following their engagements, many of our Climate Corps alumni have moved on to leadership positions in sustainability and business. See all of our alumni and read about their projects.

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