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Kushagra Varma supported the City of Orlando in four key areas: the City's renewable energy profile, electric vehicle infrastructure utilization rates, water consumption trends, and potential cost impacts of impending irrigation rate hikes.


The City of Orlando prioritizes sustainability, engaging in initiatives such as CDP disclosures, renewable energy investments, electric vehicle infrastructure, and water efficiency. Kushagra assessed municipal energy consumption to track progress towards the City's 2030 renewable energy goal, studied EV infrastructure trends to inform future investments, compared water use in different irrigation systems, and evaluated future cost impacts associated with irrigation water rate increases. He also collaborated on updating the City's greenhouse gas inventory and CDP disclosure documentation.  


Kushagra's work encompassed several critical areas for Orlando's sustainability efforts. He examined electricity consumption data, pinpointing the contribution of city-owned solar installations and community solar subscriptions. This analysis led to the creation of an energy profile tracking progress towards the 2030 renewable energy goal. Additionally, his study of revenue and charging sessions at 36 EV-enabled sites demonstrated consistent growth in EV infrastructure use, advocating for further expansion. 

Kushagra also delved into the water management domain, comparing actual usage at old and new tennis centers with design documents, revealing opportunities for optimization. Finally, his analysis of irrigation accounts forecasted a 13% annual increase in water utility costs due to impending rate hikes. 

Potential Impact

Kushagra's thorough analysis significantly impacted Orlando's sustainability efforts. His findings revealed that ~8% of municipal energy is from renewables, with a 1% contribution from city solar installations. Notably, water consumption at the new tennis center exceeded expectations, necessitating optimization efforts. In the electric vehicle infrastructure realm, a 56% revenue increase and a 32% surge in charging sessions within a year emphasized the need for continued investment. A quarterly EV adoption rate of over 23% underscored this urgency.

Lastly, his irrigation cost analysis projected a substantial 13% future cost impact. Kushagra's work drove awareness and highlighted areas for focused sustainability investments

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